Ninja Dorian's Mom Charged in Court

Submitted By: Angelica Lombardi,

The mother of Ninja Dorian appeared in court today facing charges of obtaining goods by false pretenses. According to the police affidavit, Kirshelle Layton accepted donations on her sons behalf, knowing that her son was not as sick as she led on. That amount exceeded $1,000 dollars. The affadvait says that Layton and her mother said in a newspaper article that Dorian had quote, "terminal brain cancer." The affadavit also read that a doctor said quote, "Dorian was sick, but was not nearing death...and that in fact his condition was considered stable and could lead an otherwise normal childhood." You'll recall Ninja Dorian is a five year old boy that was the Casper Police Chief for a day, among other community events. Layton's three sons were placed in child protective services, and have since been released to Layton's aunt. Judge Patchens requested that Layton have no cotact with the victims. Her bond is set at $2,000 and faces up to 10 years in prison on a felony charge. K2 did reach out to the Make A Wish Foundation when we recieved word of an investigation. They did confirm that Ninja Dorian was indeed a Make a Wish Kid.