Drivers Bombarded with Recalls

by Xavier Walton,

     Since February car owners have been bombarded with auto-recalls.  Today the list grew.  General Motors issued five new recalls covering some 2.7 million vehicles.

     In light of new developments we went out and spoke with someone who's had their car added to the list.

     K2's Xavier Walton has the story.

For Denise Wendinger the recall letter came in March, but it was six years ago when she realized something was wrong.

"When i was driving my kids to daycare one day, it simply- my engine died," said Denise Wendinger, owner of a recalled vehicle.

Denise owns a 2006 Chevy HHR.  It's on GM's auto-recall list. The problem - the ignition switch can be shifted into the off position, instantaneously shutting off the engine.  That defect has been linked to 13 deaths in the United States.

"They checked it out. They said there were no errors.  Diagnostics said there was nothing wrong with it," said Wendinger.

Denise has three children. Every morning she takes them to school.  She walks out of the house, closes the door and makes her way to the car - with uncertainty. 

"The what if's prey on my mind," said Wendinger.

The thought of losing power on a highway is flat-out scary.  Denise said this is something that crosses her mind when she gets behind the wheel.

"If you're on the freeway driving full speed there is no reaction time," said Wendinger.

In recent weeks GM has released countless videos.  This one telling drivers what to do if there car is on the list.

"The vehicles are safe if only you use a single key on the key ring," said Jeff Boyer, GM Global Vehicle Safety.

For now that's what Denise is doing.  If we stop the video and zoom in, it's just the key and the key ring. 

Reporting on one of largest ever recalls I'm Xavier Walton K2 News.