2 Women Arrested for Prostitution

Submitted By: Matthew Seedorff, mseedorff@k2tv.com

Police were tipped off when a local hotel employee smelled marijuana coming from one of the rooms. According to a police affidavit, the sexual acts all happened in a Casper McDonald's parking lot. The women were arrested at the La Auinta hotel next door to the McDonald's. On Friday, police searched the room that the hotel employee says smlled of marjuana. Once inside, police suspected the occupants could also be connected to prostitution. When the guests Brittany Anaya and Esperanza Pena returned, they were questioned and arrested. According to a police report the two women were visiting from Denver to make some extra money through prostition. The report gives an example of text messages allegedly recieved by the women. One example listed reads quote, "Are you still available tonight?" "Yes." "How much for 30 minutes?" "150 dollars." The two women both pled not guilty to charges involving prostitution and illegal drug use. If convicted the women could spend up to 6 months in prison.