Military Funeral Program

Megan Contreras reporting for K2 News

"Honoring those who served" is a job Specialist Martinez has had for nearly 3 years.
"It's definitely an honor to do what I do. It's not a joyful experience, but it is very honorable."
Martinez is the area coordinator for the Military Funeral Program.
"We provide military funeral honors for all veterans, regardless of their branch of service. We typically work with a veterans' service organization like the VFW or the American Legion, and we typically get a call from a funeral home and we coordinate the military honors appropriate for that service member."
The ceremony is another opportunity for the nation to recognize a veteran's family. Since 9/11, close to 30 service men and women with ties to Wyoming have lost their lives, fighting for our country overseas. Upon the family's request, military funerals will be provided for an eligible veteran.
"Typically we fold and present the American Flag, we play taps and we generally try to have a rifle volley."
A minimum of 2 members of the Armed Forces must be present, but Martinez says he prefers to have 4. When I asked him how he feels about our troops overseas, he said...
"Proud, very proud to have everyone over there. I think they're all doing a wonderful job and I wish them a safe return.