Click It Don't Risk It

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

It's time to kick off summer with Memorial Day, but law enforcement wants to make sure your fun weekend is also safe. 

Natrona County Coroner says she often sees people who die simply because they were not wearing seat belts at the time of their crash. 

"If they would have only worn their seat belt, it probably would have saved their lives," Jacobson said. 

According to Jacobson, Wyoming is the state with the least amount of drivers who buckle up.  Consequently, we have a a fatality on average every 57 hours. 

"In 2010, 153 people were killed on Wyoming roads," Jacobson said.  "67 percent were not wearing their seat belts." 

That's why police say this Memorial Day weekend, or the first drinking holiday of the summer, is the perfect time to beef up traffic law enforcement.  Several agencies from around Natrona County will be vigilantly patrolling the major highways from Casper to Alcova, as well as around the lakes.  They warn the public not to be alarmed should a Mills Police officer pulls them over at Alcova Lake.  They say they'll particularly search for drunk driving, reckless driving, and lack of seat belt use.

Safe Kids of Central Wyoming says the bigger point of tougher enforcement this weekend, is tougher enforcement from now on, especially when it comes to seat belt use.  In Wyoming, not wearing a seat belt is a secondary offense.  But the organization hopes law enforcement continues to give that second ticket for failing to click it.