Drone Falls into Yellowstone Hot Spot

Submitted By: K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com

Eyewitness accounts landing an unmanned aircraft in hot water in a yellowstone hot spring. Atourist had flown the drone into the national park despite a ban on the devices. Yellowstone officials say one of the main priorities is visitor safety but also to preserve the unique features in the park. The drone was flown into Grand Prismatic Springs on Saturday and according to the parks spokesperson, that spring is 160 degrees. Al Nash of Yellowstone National Park says, "It's still in the spring. We have been unable so far to locate the device.. once we find it it does beg the question... will it do more damage if we leave it in? or will efforts to try and remove it cause more damage?" Nash says to leave the un-manned aircrafts at home. Officials say last month a similar crash happened in Yellowstone lake.