Details Emerge Amidst Race for House District 57

by Xavier Walton,

The Republican primary is this upcoming Tuesday and new details are coming to the fore front out of House District 57.

K2's Xavier Walton has more on those documents accusing candidates of wrong-doing.

The battle for House District 57 is heating up.  You see the two going that are going head to head in next weeks GOP primary here in this interview with a local newspaper.

This week, long time district representative Thomas Lockhart is being accused of violating the Wyoming Constitution.

This is all from the sec documents that the 912 organization released. Okay so they released all of these.

The documents say Lockhart received compensation for the years he spent on the board at Arch Coal while voting on general coal bills during the legislature.

"The SEC filings I think are the key filings that's the key things that can be validated and it's very clear that it's federal law that they have to be.  It was between $1.5 and $1.7 million that Mr. Lockhart received while he was on the Arch Coal board and that he is still receiving per the deferred compensation plan," said Chuck Gray, House District 57 candidate.

Here are the archived documents, which are open to the public. In 2006, it says Lockhart was compensated $103. In 2007, $106,000.  In 2008 and 2009 he received more than $156,000.

"I did not do anything specifically for Arch Coal or for my personal benefit," said Lockhart via telephone.

"Does it make people skeptical when this is occurring when for 2003 to 2011 when someone is on a corporate board still receiving compensation and their on the mineral committee which has the key regulatory authority and then are the chair of the minerals committee," said Gray.

"We have a code of ethics of what you do.  There is nothing wrong with a citizens legislator being a proponent for something that is simple application to for instance an industry," said Lockhard.

Reporting in Casper, I'm Xavier Walton K2 News.