Ice Bucket Challenge

by Xavier Walton,

Tonight millions are taking on the "Ice Bucket Challenge.  It's to raise awareness for ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

K2's Xavier Walton dives head first into the chilling challenge. 

 It's the hottest thing in America right now.  Ironically, it's called the Ice Bucket Challenge.  It's taken social media by storm.

    The challenge is to pour a bucket of ice water on your head.  Then dare two others in return or donate.  In a two weeks span the ALS association has received an amazing $4 million in donations.

    The challenge started with former Boston College baseball stand out Pete Frates who was diagnosed with ALS in 2012.  From Boston where this all began to Wyoming the phenomenon has flooded the country.  Barb Peryam is one of them.

"ALS is a degenertive muscle disease that killed my father in march. He was diagnosed in October and died five months later," said Barb Peryam.

Barb witnessed what this disease did to her father firsthand.

"Every night at 6:30 I'd call my dad and he'd say 'Hi honey and I'd say hi dad.'  I'd talk to him about a specific memory that i had as the time went on until march it got so that he couldn't talk," said Peryam.  "So when I would call his friend would hold the phone up to him and I'd say 'Hi daddy i love you and i would talk to him about another memory and yeah know i lost the ability to talk to my dad."

So in honor of her dad Barb with Kenyne Schlager by her sid,e took on the ice bucket challenge.

"1...2...3...sound of ice water...laughter"

"It's a little chilly but you know what I practiced up and you know what, the dunk tanks over the years and the Jackalope jumps, it wasn't bad," said Kenyne Schlager, Casper city councilwoman.

"I am feeling decidedly cold," said Peryam.

After the two finished the challenge the tides turned.  They called out Casper Police Chief Jim Wetzel, Casper Fire Chief Kenny King, Health Department's Tom Forslund and Governor Matt Mead. Oh and of course your Good Morning Wyoming news crew.

"I challenge Angelica Lombardi and Ali Bradley," said Brittany Moore.

"I challenge the weather team Alexandra Lehnert and Erik Dean," said John Shrable.

"Who does that leave left? sports and Andrew."