Missing Couple in Big Horns Found

Submitted By: K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com

Our Media partner at County 10, Josh Scheer tells K2 that the Johnson County Sheriffs office confirmed around 5:15pm today, that the missing couple has been found. You'll recall they've been missing since Monday. Lander native Blake Fuhrimanm, 23 and Alissa DevIlle, 22 we're both found alive. Fuhriman was located by teams in a valley near Black Tooth Mountain and was flown out of the area to Johnson County Hospital. Officials confirm he is awake and walking around. Fuhriman was reportedly able to direct search crews to DeVille who was on Black Tooth Mountain with an injured leg. Due to her location and weather conditions, she could not immediatley be flown out. Personnel may have to bring her to a spot where they can land a helicopter, which could not happen until tomorrow morning. Crews assure that they are staying with her, taking care of her and keeping her warm. Officials are still unsure exactly what happened, but are continuing to investigate.