Emergency Watering Ban in Casper Area

Authorities have placed an immediate mandatory ban on all outdoor irrigation in the Casper area. 

They say a water pipe which draws from the North Platte River into the water treatment plant has ruptured and, as a result, the city is unable to access 40% of its water capacity. 

The other 60% comes from ground-water wells. 

The city started up the plant this morning when they noticed that 60% was not meeting our water demand which has spiked due to warm weather. 

The ban effects the city of Casper and several water districts that receive their water from the Central Wyoming Regional Water System. 

Though the city hopes they will fix the leak by tomorrow, they will impose the ban until this Friday. 

For now, they say, city workers are having trouble accessing the pipe due to high river flow. 

The city says no foul play is suspected. 

K2 will keep you updated on exactly how long this ban lasts.