Lander Brewing Co. Takes Part in Brew Fest

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 This Saturday Lander City Park will be filled with some of the best breweries in the Rocky Mountain Region. Thousands are expected to turn up and taste what the 10th Annual Lander Brew Festival has to offer.

Lander residents have had the joy of drinking locally made beer since the late 1800's.
Their ales, lagers, porters and stouts are made inside of the Cowfish Restaurant on Main Street.

"Trains delivered grains to the brewery and the beer was made for local consumption. So Lander has a long history of drinking local beer," said Geoff Rader, Owner of the Lander Bar, where a majority of of the Lander Brewing Company's beer is consumed.

The locally made beer is something Lander takes pride in.
The Lander Brewing Company's cooking techniques and ingredients are what gives their brew's it's award winning taste.

"You can say it's kind of like scientific cooking," said Ted Briggs, Brew Master for the Lander Brewing Company. "It's like cooking, you're using raw ingredients and making a product but you have to measure and time everything a little more specifically than you do when you are just cooking."

It takes a full day to process beer before it's sent into a tank to ferment.

"It ferments for about 2 to 3 weeks for ales and up to 8 weeks for lagers. Then it's finally taken from these tanks through a filter and put into one of the serving tanks and kegged off and sent to other bars," Briggs said.

The color of a beer all depends on the type of malt that's used. Their Atlantic City Gold uses Imported German Pilsner Malt for it's lighter color and crisp flavor. And their Rock Chuck Rye, uses malted rye for it's darker color and richer flavor.

"When you're drinking beer, you have the bitterness, you have sweetness, maltiness and it's actually a very complex taste," says Briggs. 

So how does locally made beer taste in comparison to beer that's brought in from other places?

"It tastes better right at the fountain head. It's good when it's fresh on tap and the holding tank is right behind the bar," Rader said.

You can get a taste of what the The Lander Brewing Company has to offer, along with 18 other breweries at the Lander Brew Festival this Saturday at Lander City Park from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.