CNFR Hosts Special Olympics Rodeo

By Taylor Viydo, 

Earlier today, CNFR and Special Olympics Wyoming teamed up to present the 12th annual Special Olympics Rodeo. Roughly 60 Olympians from all across the state took part in the rodeo, which included both bronc and bull riding, roping, and horseback riding.  

“Rodeo is a unique western sport,” said event coordinator Dave Park, “it gives these special Olympics athletes a chance to see how that works. And more importantly, too meet these fine young people who show up here every summer to rodeo.”  

The Special Olympians got one-on-one training with the CNFR contestants themselves, who where there volunteering their time. According to Park, most of the contestants participating in the event had done it before, and some had established friendships with the Olympians. “This is quite a relationship, and these kids get along well together, and some of them establish life-long friendships.” said Park.