Cowboys and Lawdogs Hold Shooting Competition

by Taylor Viydo, 


Earlier today a Casper shooting club held a unique competition. 

Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of the Lawdogs vs. Cowboys shooting competition. Hosted by the Bessemer Vigilance Committee, the shootout pitted two different groups of shooters, both with very different guns. 

Making up the “Lawdogs” were various members of Natrona County law enforcement agencies, and making up the “Cowboys” were members of the Bessemer Vigilance committee, a Casper shooting club that belongs to an international group of “single-action” shooters. Naturally, the Lawdogs competed with modern firearms and the Cowboys competed with pre-19th century replica pistols, rifles, and shotguns. 

The competition was a timed event, and contests were required to shoot a variety of targets each using a sidearm, a shotgun, and a rifle. The Lawdogs were allowed to use automatic weapons, provided they shot them in semi-auto mode. 

Despite the Lawdogs having modern weapons, the shootout has historically been an even competition. “Right now the record is Cowboys: 5, and Lawdogs: 4,” said event organizer John Roszel, a member of the Cowboys. “And we would like to make that 6 and 4. But, [The Lawdogs] can shoot; they're very good.”