Pet Tip Tuesday- Senior Cat Care

Dr. Megan Okes joines us live in the K2 studio with our Pet Tip Tuesday. This weeks topic is Senior Cat Care.

Senior Care for Cats

What is a senior cat and why do they need special care?

Senior is any cat over the age of 7 years

Pets age more quickly than we do 

Cats are more prone to particular diseases than dogs or other pets

What kind of care do senior cats need?

Yearly physical exam and blood work with blood pressure and urinalysis

Important parameters at yearly exam: Weight, heart/lungs, appetite and water intake

Determine basline “normals” for your cat to compare to every year

Yearly vaccines and intestinal deworming based on your cat’s risk

Diet modification for overweight cats

What diseases are senior cats likely to get?

Kidney disease

Diabetes - especially overweight cats

High blood pressure

Tooth and gum disease


Heart disease

Irritable bowel disease

Are these common diseases manageable?

YES!  That is why yearly screenings are important, the sooner we find a problem the sooner we can treat it and the easier it is to resolve or control

What would I see in my cat if they had a disease?

Sometimes nothing!

Increased thirst or hunger

Increased urination


Weight loss

Diarrhea or vomiting

Change in activity level- increased or decreased

We always combine the lab values with how the cat looks and feels to diagnose and treat disease