Natrona County Library Goes Digital

by Taylor Viydo,

The Natrona County Library in Casper has gone digital. The library now offers a digital library where readers can check out e-books and download them onto e-readers such as Barnes and Noble's Nook.

"Last Christmas a lot of people received e-readers for Christmas," said Librarian Brenda Thomson, "and of course they were looking to libraries to see if they could check out things for free." Earlier this week the library announced that readers can now go to their website, browse e-books, and download them onto e-readers, computers, and smart phones.

The digital library, provided by a company called Overdrive, is very similar to a library for print books. Registered users with a library card can check out e-books for a maximum of two weeks. Once the due date is reached, the e-book becomes unreadable to the user and is checked back in to the digital library. Therefore, users avoid the possibility of late fees.

About 350 works of fiction and non-fiction are available for check-out. Only one copy of an e-book may be checked out at a time. The digital library is currently not compatible with the Amazon Kindle.