Wheatland Man Allegedly Kills 4 Family Members

Jeff Schuman reports, jschuman@k2tv.com  

A man is in custody after allegedly killing his brother, three kids and injuring his wife.  

"I just think it's shocking and it's really sad," neighbor Jessica Kornder said.  

At approximately 5:50 last night, police received a 9-1-1 call from an unidentified neighbor reporting hearing screaming and yelling.  

"I hear a couple of pops which I thought they were fireworks, so I went off and started cleaning again. I heard this really bad scream; I've never heard this scream before...I've never," Kornder said.  

"While the 9-1-1 caller was taking information, the caller advised they heard shots being fired in the area," Wheatland police chief Randy Chesser said.

Inside the home, Police say Everett Conant III opened fire on his three kids, wife and brother. As police arrived, Conant's wife ran down the street for her life having already been shot in the arm and foot.

"I got some towels and I wrapped the towels up with the would so it wouldn't bleed too much. I just tried to keep her as calm, you know, calm her down as much as I could," Kornder said.

After a 10 minute stand-off, Conant surrendered without incident. Inside, an entry team found Conant's three children shot to death and his brother suffering wounds, from which he would die of at the hospital around 6:30.

The tragic scene has shaken the small town of 3,600 who has only experienced two murders in the last 10 years.

"They've been in my house and played my Playstation," 8-year-old family friend John Kornder said.

And has left them only to wonder, why?

"Mad...that their dad shot my friends."