Innovative Technology Changing Fire Suppression

Jeff Schuman reports,

FireIce uses less time, energy, and money for firefighters to put out a fire.

Everyone is used to seeing thousands of gallons of water wasted away to put out a single fire. But new fire suppression technology called FireIce could change this.

"A 10 to 1 ratio actually. So if you have one fire truck that is 750 gallons, it could be like having four or five fire trucks right behind you without actually having them there," Rocky Mountain Fire Protection Trainer Ken Haines said.

The product is a dry powder combined with water that creates a gel that will stop fire in its tracks. It's been used for around three years now, primarily in the east coast, but is slowly making its way west.

"It seemed like a decent product. It did seem to do what they said it would," Division 1 fire chief Tom Schingle said.

Including extinguishing a tire at over 1,000 degrees in a matter of seconds. And it can potentially save your life if a car becomes engulfed in flames during an accident.

"It's a green product; you can actually throw it or put it on the person that is trapped in the vehicle before they are extricated," Haines said.

And when a blowtorch is taken to a board half covered in FireIce and half not, the side covered in FireIce sees no damage whatsoever.

"FireIce can actually be applied to the outside of your structure, your home, your barn, your outbuilding and actually protect the property in a wild land fire situation between 24 and 72 hours."

But as impressive as the demonstrations are, firefighters remain reluctant.

"Maybe just that unfamiliarity of not having tested it ourselves. We've seen their demo, but maybe being able to demonstrate the product on our own," Schingle said.

And it is Haines' hope that firefighters will do just that to change the future of fighting flames.