Keeping Mussels Out of Wyoming

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

So far, no mussel-infested boats have been found in Wyoming and, by mussel, we don't mean the ones on your dinner table. 
We're talking about the tiny ones that breed prolifically, clogging boat motors and tossing over ecosystems of lakes across the country. 

In fact, three of Wyoming's six bordering states have invasive mussel problems. 

Now, Wyoming lakes are getting busier each weekend into the summer.  With the Jimmy Buffett Days celebration tomorrow, Alcova Lake is especially expected to be swarming with watercraft.  Check stations may have lines, but the Game and Fish Department says there are things you can do to get through your inspection in just minutes. 

They believe, with the help of the public, Alcova Lake will remain mussel-free after this weekend.