Lost Heroes Quilt Visits Casper

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com 

A one-of-a-kind tribute to America's fallen soldiers has been touring across the US, and this week it's making a stop in Casper.

The Lost Heroes Quilt remembers those lost in Afghanistan and Iraq since September 11th. Each state is represented on the quilt with a depiction of a soldier who died serving overseas. What's unique about the quilt is that each soldier is depicted with a childhood photo and is wearing a vintage GI-Joe jacket. "[The artist] wanted to make sure that everyone knew that before they were a statistic...they were someone's kids." said Bob Miller of Casper. 
Miller's son, Pvt. Scott Miller, was killed in Iraq in June of 2007. He now represents the state of Wyoming on the Lost Heroes Quilt, serving as an eternal reminder of the sacrifice made by those who serve our country. 
"The artist of the quilt took my greatest fear, of someone forgetting Scott," said Susi Miller, "she took that fear and immortalized [Scott] in the form of a blanket." 
The quilt has been touring the US since 2009. It's final stop will be in Washington DC on September 11th of this year. According to the Miller family, the quilt was purchased at auction by a corporation for $100,000. After it is done touring it will be donated to a museum.