Caravan to Catch a Killer Stops in Casper

by Taylor Viydo, 


A Tulsa, Oklahoma woman is driving across the country hoping to make waves as she goes along, and this weekend she stopped in Casper. 
In 2004, Maggie Zingman's daughter, Brittany Phillips, was raped an murdered in her Tulsa apartment. Brittany was buried on her 19th birthday.

Soon after, Zingman took action to help find her daughter's killer. While DNA tests proved to be inconclusive in Tulsa, Zingman traveled to nearby cities looking for leads on her daughter's killer. Not long after, she began a caravan across the country hoping to catch her daughter's killer. The caravan, which has been done in segments over the past few years, has now evolved to Zingman promoting change in laws surrounding DNA samples being taken from criminals at arrest.

According to Zingman, murders like Brittany's can be prevented by taking DNA samples from criminals at arrest, thus creating databases that can lead to longer sentences for repeat offenders.

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