Students Learn Police Work at Jr. Police Academy

  Victoria Fregoso reports,

 Students in Lander are getting a close look at how law enforcement officials do their job on a daily basis.

 Students stood by as Officer Conilogue with the Lander Police Department made an arrest.
But it was all for demonstration purposes at this Junior Police Academy.

"They learn about what police officers, law enforcement people do, some of the procedures we do," sad Chuck Carr with the Lander Police Department.

This week long summer academy is in its second year and it focuses on a different part of police work everyday.

Officer Carr says "I think they're very interested. We have some kids that have gone through two or three times and I have new kids that are coming in to the program."

During this course students are learning a variety of topics like traffic stops and tazers .
And they've also heard from agencies like the FBI and Wyoming Highway Patrol.

"I think a lot of people don't know every job that you can do in law enforcement like wild life services and everything like that," said Taurey Carr, a Junior Police Academy Student.

Students say it's this variety of knowledge that has given them a bigger understanding and respect for law enforcement.

"I do admire them and I think this class makes me admire them that much more," Taurey said.

Officer Chuck Carr, who serves as the School Resource Officer in Lander was inspired to be a police officer while growing up and he hopes this academy will do the same for his students.

"They learn if maybe this is an interest that they have later on in life, maybe pursue that career in law enforcement."

And for some students that already know they want to a police officer, this academy is making their desire and passion for the job stronger.

"I've kind of always been interested in law enforcement," said Avery Cox, a student with the Junior Police Academy. "I've been wanting to be a police officer since a long time ago."

The most interesting part of today's lesson for this future police officer was...

"The tests that you do if you see if a person is drunk in their car, I thought that was pretty cool, I've never seen that before."

The academy wraps up this Friday and the students will celebrate with a graduation ceremony.