Pet Tip Tuesday- Bug Bites and Bee Stings

Bug bites, bee stings and how to treat

Can dogs and cats be bitten and stung through their coats?

  • Yes, and since coats are much thinner in the summer they are more susceptible.

  • Face, ears and head are the most common places to be bitten or stung

What would I see if my pet were bitten/stung?

  • Sometimes nothing

  • Irritation- scratching or licking, redness or cracking on ear tips

  • Spider bites can cause bruising, swelling and severe pain

  • If allergic- CAN have a severe reaction. Hives, swollen face difficulty breathing. Never know until bitten or stung if allergic or not.

What do I need to do at home?

  • If mild reaction, nothing

  • Brush off stinger if present (unusual)- DO NOT PULL

  • Ice packs to decrease swelling

  • Baking soda paste can help decrease irritation

  • Benedryl or hydrocortisone cream

  • With hives, can bathe in warm water to soothe and rinse off irritants

  • Benedryl- consult your vet for ideal dose for your pet, typically 1mg/lb

  • Severe reaction requires medical attention ASAP!

Are there ways to prevent bites and stings?

  • Remove sources of food and water that attract insects

  • Traps for bees/ wasps

  • Fly repellant ointment- Designed for pets, NOT DEET

  • Flea/tick/mosquito monthly prevention