WMC Cuts Spending

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

Changes from the federal health care reform are now gripping the country and the Wyoming Medical Center has had to make several changes to stay alive. 

The hospital says, federal Medicare reimbursements don't even cover their own costs.  Now those reimbursements are being cut across the country.  But that's not the hospital's only problem right now. 

Since the Mountain View Regional Hospital began bringing in more patients, the Wyoming Medical Center may lost their "Sole Community Provider" status.  That status equals eight million dollars in revenue. 

Forced to cut spending, the WMC hired a health care financial strategy firm.  They've decided, there will be no layoffs, but staff will be rearranged and voluntary retirement will become an option. 

The hospital will also be outsourcing their plant engineering program, environmental services, laundry, and transport services.  Employees in those areas will be offered jobs with the outsource company. 

They will also be contracting physicians to a company in Washington, and reducing costs in other small ways like leasing a smaller helicopter. 

But one project the hospital says they will continue with the construction of the West Tower Addition.