Fruits and Veggies Grant

Food Services for Natrona School Districts offered a fruits and veggies grant to local elementary schools. 

The grant allows local schools to provide all kinds of fruits and veggies to kids. 

Under the grant, the elementary schools can provide two snacks per day to kids. 

And this is the third year that Willard Elementary is participating.

Each class has its own container for their snacks and in the morning some of their choices are broccoli, tomatoes and mangos. 

Some families of Willard Elementary are ones that qualify for free and reduced lunches. 

Fruits and veggies are high priced items at the grocery store and with this grant kids are able to have those types of snacks. 

Fourth graders of Willard Elementary enjoyed their mangos and talked about how they feel about trying new snacks. 

And there is a unique variety of foods offered and of course, kids love their snack time.