Cold Case of Missing Lander Woman Reopens

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 Detectives with the Fremont County Sheriff's Office are revisiting the 14-year-old case of a missing Lander woman.

 July 24th, 1997, marks the last day 24-year-old Amy Wroe Bechtel of Lander was seen.
Authorities believe Amy went for a run here, in the Shoshone National Forest above Sinks Canyon.

"When Amy first disappeared, we ruled this as a search and rescue," said Detective Sergeant John Zerga. "We thought she was out running, got lost, something happened. As we followed up with investigations it turned criminal."

Detective Sergeant John Zerga recalls when the case originally unfolded years ago.
He was recently promoted to Detective and was asked to look the case over, he feels there are some areas that need further investigation.

"We're constantly getting information into the sheriff's office still to this day of possible sightings. So any time we get that type of information we follow up on it."

Fourteen years after Amy's disappearance, there still is no concrete evidence that she was up here running that day besides her car that was found parked near Loop Road. So now investigators are looking at other possibilities.

"Last week, we ended up searching an area using some Cadaver dogs in the Wind River range, we used a local search team here to assist us on some of the information we obtained. We actually searched three residences here in the local area."

Zerga recently interviewed the man Amy was married to at the time, who the original investigators believe was the main suspect.

"He understands that I'm the new investigator on and he wants to help out and assist with this case."

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office would like to bring closure to Amy's family by figuring out what happened to her on that summer day in 1997.