Wyoming's Fight Against Meth Use

The Wyoming Meth Project began four years ago with a mission to plant terrible impressions of the drug in young minds. It's working. 

Because of the ads, four in five teens are less likely to use the drug. 62% of youth say using meth, even once, is risky.  That statistic is up 12%. 79% say it will make their problems worse.  That number is up 12%. 75% say using the drug leads to brain dama.ge.  That is up 16%. Very importantly, 91% would encourage their siblings and friends to not use meth.  Casper Police say he sees that attitude change in the streets. 
The Wyoming Meth Project is proud of the progress, but they're not done yet. The organization is already working on their next step--creating a social networking site to engage with youth on a more accessible platform, and design their next series of ads, which they promise will be even more graphic.