Alleged Leader of Prostitution Operation in Court

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

The alleged leader of a prostitution operation was brought before a judge today in a hearing to determine whether her case would be bound over to district court. 

20-year-old Amber Mefferd's attorney told the judge that she maybe a prostitute, but she is not a pimp. 

The two are different crimes--prostitution is a misdemeanor, promoting prostitution is a felony. 

Of the three arrested women in this alleged prostitution operation, 20-year-old Mefferd is the only one with that felony. 

Today a police officer described the undercover operation, which began online and ended in a Parkway Plaza hotel room earlier this month. 

The prosecution used the officer's testimony to show that Mefferd arranged appointments and negotiated prices for herself and at least two other women. 

The defense fired back, asking the officer questions to suggest Mefferd never did anything illegal. 

Her attorney argued she never completed the sexual act on the officer, and she especially did not force other girls into prostitution. 

Ultimately, the judge decided there is enough evidence to continue prosecuting Amber Mefferd with felonies in district court.  Her arraignment is now being scheduled.