A Sport That Makes You Smile: Pickleball

"It's interesting because I grew up in a time when all you could be was a cheerleader, so I was a cheer leading, cheering everyone on. This is first sport that I've actually got to play because back in the day it was only the guys," Nancy Monson said.

Now the sport is for everyone...It started in 1965 and now according to the USA Pickle ball Association, there's a hundred fifty thousands players across the country.

"I always say this is the playground and I get to be on the playground," Monson said. "You're always playing, so don't even realize how much you're working until you get home and go 'wow, I'm tired."

"You learn the muscles you haven't been using real quick. There's a lot of bending a twisting, running, quick stops and starts," Steven Wood said.

One thing is for sure, Pickleball is addicting.

"I started last April and ever since that I've been hooked," Wood said. "I'm retired, so I needed some time to fill. I probably play about three hours a day at least."

"I got hooked on pickle ball. You can't help it, but the first time you hit the ball and you see it going over the net; you're hooked," Monson said.

When you jump into a sport there are certain terms you may not know yet like the kitchen, which is actually right here.

"That's what fun, you can get into a dinky game. You can't step pass the line except if the ball bounces. At the end, you usually start the game from a far," Monson said. "Then you can get a real strategic game going at the net, that's really fun."

Don't let their ages fool you. The games here at the Casper Recreational Center are intense.

"Even though the games end on a friendly basis, there's some pretty ferocious competition during the game," Wood said. "I don't think I will ever give it up, unless I have to."

"You can't leave this place without smiling, no matter what kind of day you're having," Monson said. "You come here and see all you're friends and it's a good day."

With the slap of the paddle and a few smiles, You can play pickleball too...reporting in Casper, Megan Salle, K2 sports.