Natrona County Senior Having the Time of His Life

It's been a wild couple of months for Natrona County's Cody Wilkinson. Starting In February the senior signed to play football for Holy Cross...

"I've been doing a sport since I was Three years old so going to college playing a sport would give me the best experience there," said Cody Wilkinson.

Then In March Wilkinson finished his high school skiing career winning both the slalom and giant slalom races. Earning himself a spot on the all state apline ski list. 

"I love skiing, I know its difficult when your young and when your a beginner but when you have been doing it as long as I have its one of the best things," said Wilkinson.

Once skiing was all over the all state kicker took trip of a lifetime to Italy with his parents to represent the United States on the American Football Worldwide team. Which is a program teaching foreign countries the positive values available American Football provides.

"We won 68-3 because Italians haven't quite yet got the concept of football yet but they love it. and were there to promote the game and to show them a good time," said Cody Wilkinson.

Cody had plenty of extra point kicks, eight PAT's on the day and he also played on defense scoring five defensive points and grabbing the only sack of the day..

"It was amazing I loved the guys I played with, seeing all the sights like definitely checked off a lot off my bucket list," said Wilkinson.

The trip of a lifetime would get better though, for the first time in Cody's life he got to meet his 89-year-old Grandfather.

"He was from Zakopane, Poland, after the football trip my mom and I went to Poland for a week she showed me around where she was born and raised in Warsaw," said Cody.

Cody's mom Alexandra translated the whole conversation between the two, so Cody was able to have a conversation with his grandfather and learn more about his family.

"Meeting my grandpa it was a special experience just because he didn't speak any English. He kind of told us the story about what World War II and I really learned the history of my family," said Cody Wilkinson.