THURS March 5th

An overall warmer and windier day than we had been seeing to start this week.  Highs will boost noticeably into the 30's and 40's for most regions with a Casper above freezing at 36 degrees.  Skies will remain clear and dry through the day with winds gusting into a range of 30-40 miles per hour.

TONIGHT: Certainly a chilly evening but not near as cold as temperatures have been for evening lows.  Casper will drop to a chilly 20 degrees while Riverton plunges into the single digits.  Most regions will settle down into the teens amid continually breezy conditions.

FRIDAY: Temperatures continue to warm peaking widespread in the 40's by Friday to start the weekend.  Warmer temperatures will be enjoyed under continued sunny and dry skies along with some persistently strong winds from the West.

: 40's are to be felt well through the weekend ahead with skies remaining dry into Sunday.  Next week will offer up even warmer temperatures up into the 50's for most lower elevations East of the Divide.  Enjoy this stretch of sunny, dry and mild weather as it looks to be moving in and staying around for quite some time.

John Shrable
Updated: 8:00 AM