Miss Wyo. Outstanding Teen Promotes Safe Driving

 Victoria Fregoso reports, vfregoso@k2tv.com

 Dreams are becoming a reality for Montana Sannes, who was crowned Miss Wyoming's Outstanding Teen.

The 4.0 g.p.a student at Lander Valley High School is taking advantage of her title and is using it to get out her message on safe teen driving.

"This is a very important issue in our state and so it's something that I think really needs to be addressed," Sannes said. "I've done a lot of work with this platform through the Alive at 25 program and I'm also planning on extending this with the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association."

Montana tells me that Wyoming is the number one state for teen deaths due to car crashes in the U.S. and 67% of those deaths are due to distracted driving.

"The cell phones, the texting, the iPod's, changing the radio. It can be something as simple as talking to one of your friends. It's the small things like that, that make all the difference. And sending a text message that says "LOL" definitely isn't worth it in my opinion."

This Miss Wyoming Outstanding Teen is new to driving herself, she recently received her driving permit and plans on promoting safe teen driving by setting a good example.

"It's the lessons they learn from those peers that allow them to make good choices because you can sit there and have something driven into your brain by an adult but it really makes a big difference when it's implemented by your peers."

She also believes that parents play an important role in making sure their teens are driving safely. She says that everything from safe driving contracts to telephone applications that can track a car's location and speed are available through insurance companies.  

"A lot of them aren't aware of the technology that's out there so I think that if I can help the parents understand what technologies are available to them, to monitor their teenager's driving habits, I think that's an excellent thing to do, to promote my platform."

Up next, Montana will compete for the title of  Miss America's Outstanding Teen this August.