Dodge Landesman

Reporter / Weekend Anchor

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Dodge Landesman is the Weekend Anchor and Reporter on the weekdays for K2TV. He comes from New York City, but is sure happy to be outta there! He loves this country, and can say that with certainty, having traveled to 46 states all via Amtrak and Greyhound Bus just for fun. He is an avid hiker as well as a giant goof, so feel free to invite him to any fun events he can cover! He is a graduate of Fordham University and has a masters in journalism from Emerson College. In additon to traveling, Dodge has a deep passion for 1950's music (as well as vintage clothing) and can name you every Top 20 hit from 1947-1963. He is also a hardcore country music fan.

Dodge previously was involved in local politics and even ran for office one time, losing by 5%. After grad school he interned for KVIA, ABC News in El Paso, Texas. Dodge also has a passion for Mexico having been 26 states in the country and speaks some Spanish. He is learning to drive and will have a license soon, please send any tips on classic cars to buy for cheap.