Ryan Matoush

Weekend Weather / Reporter

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Ryan joined the K2 news team in October of 2019. He graduated from MSU Denver with a Bachelors of Science degree in meteorology December of 2018.

Coming from Denver, Ryan has a slight upper hand with forecasting mountainous weather as well as severe weather out over the eastern plains. Though he knows Denver is well liked for it's beautiful location right next to the Rocky Mountains, his true passion for weather originates with severe weather typically found well east of the mountain range. His absolute favorite thing to do with his free time is hop in the car to go storm chasing and both Denver and Casper offer great locations to do so.

Ryan has been able to observe several tornadoes over his meteorological career, including the Chugwater tornado on the fourth of July - 2019. Having the field experience, and necessary educational background to safely monitor and track down these dangerous storms, has really helped him understand how they work and how to forecast for them. Safety has always been Ryan's number one concern and is excited to be forecasting for Casper and the surrounding region.

When his head isn't in the clouds he enjoys hanging out with his friends around town, re-watching his favorite show: "The Office", or discovering new useless talents that he can master (he loves learning new things). Ryan also happens to be quite talented at solving Rubiks Cubes and loves teaching people who are interested in learning how to solve them!

Please feel free to reach out to Ryan with any questions you may have!